Mobile traffic hits 50% on Mojo

Many websites are experiencing an increase in mobile traffic, but Mojo Motors is seeing some serious needle movement. According to Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends, mobile made up 15% of website traffic. Mojo Motors saw about 30% of traffic from mobile in the first half of 2013. By the end of 2013, however, we’re seeing over 50% of traffic on mobile.

Mobile Traffic Trend Graph

In three months, from October to December 2013, there was a jump from 35% to nearly 55%. There are a couple of reasons for the substantial growth. [keep reading]

How we close sales using logoI’m always searching for innovative tools that can help me sell Mojo Motors more efficiently to car dealerships. While there are tons of products out there, there are only a few that fit my needs. At the recommendation of a colleague, I discovered, a screen-sharing tool that helps me present, train, and demo my product, Mojo Motors website, with ease.

In the past, when showing a prospective client a product like Mojo, I would have the client log onto the site. After getting the prospective client to the site, I would then navigate the individual through the product. There were three factors that easily, and often did, prevented me from pitching the product as efficiently as possible: internet speed, technology limitations and distractions. [keep reading]

Make better coffee at work

Krup Coffeemaker For the majority of us, after we complete the morning commute and arrive at our offices, our first stop is the company coffee pot for an extra cup of “motivation” before we hit the desk. This pit stop can be just as harrowing as a rush hour commute most days.

Will the brew be burnt, too strong, too weak? Will you end up having to force yourself to drink it out of sheer desperation and a need for its mind sharpening caffeinated superpowers?

If you want to make a better cup of coffee, here are a few simple and easy steps to help guarantee quality. [keep reading]

How startups survive a storm

When life hands startups a storm that shuts down cities and transit systems, they work from home. These are the workstations our team has set up while working from home to keep Mojo Motors running smoothly.

[keep reading]

How to write a cover letter for startups

After a recent hiring spree, it’s safe to say we’ve probably looked at a couple hundred cover letters. Maybe more. Reading cover letters sucks, but the anguish of slaving over a cover letter when there’s no guarantee you’ll actually hear back from a company sucks even more. Cover letters take time to write and great cover letters take even more time to write unless, that is, you’re a wordsmith or the John Updike of cover letters. That’s John Updike there to the right.

Forbes published a handy guide with 6 secrets to write a cover letter and we definitely recommend giving that a read. We also have a few of our own suggestions which will help make your cover letter really pop. So here goes. [keep reading]