Putting it into Park: Weekend Linkage

Happy Friday! If you’re going shopping this weekend, good luck because it will probably be a gauntlet. If you decide to ride out the weekend at home, perhaps these auto links will be of interest to you.

Changfeng Rhombus Ugly Chinese Car Image

- China’s car contributions to the world are slightly cool, weird but mostly ugly

- The 2011 Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide highlighting all the best gifts for car peeps is here

- Nissan is going buck wild with electric cars and premiered 5 electric concepts in Tokyo

- A new study finds fat kids are safe in normal-sized car seats

- Read the worst towing stories from Boston, MA

- Car and Driver’s 10 best future used cars

Photo credit: MSN Cars UK

The Monday Grind

The days following a Halloween weekend are usually best for nursing stomachaches after eating too much candy and salted pumpkin seeds. This year, it is also a time to get nostalgic about the past 100 years of Chevrolet. The brand celebrates their centennial-anniversary this Thursday and the media hoopla around Chevy has begun. Here are those stories and more.

- Michael Waltrip finally stars in a commercial that is actually funny…gross too

- It was “Chrysler Sub-Compact Weekend” on Hooniverse featuring the Omni and Sundance among others.

- Mark Phelan refers to America as “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”

- Chevrolet’s biggest misses over their 100-year history

- The ten best lines from Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson (with video)