Best used cars to buy this summer

You already know that summer is the best time to buy a used car or truck. It’s because dealers are dropping prices more often and taking more money off than any other time of the year. Proof lives in the graph below.

Best Months to Buy a Used Car

If you’re on the fence about what type of vehicle to buy or just looking for a value, consider one of the ten following vehicles to buy this summer that either drop in price most frequently or have the greatest total price drop. After you figure out the car you want, read how to use Mojo Motors to save even more. [keep reading]

Cool used cars of the future: Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Regina Concept Mojo Motors Blog ImageThe Tokyo Motor Show is now open to the public and continues until December 11. Like all other auto shows, car makers are using the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil their latest concepts. The cars included below are cool. The Suzuki Regina, pictured to the right, however, is not cool. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the wheels. Maybe it’s because the car is just plain ugly. Save your eyes and keep reading the Mojo Motors Blog cool used cars of the future from the Tokyo Motor Show. We promise they are way better than the Regina.

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