Anki Drive puts slot cars on steroids

Since Furby, the bird-like robot toy, which hit markets in the 1998, the Artificial Intelligence toy market has seen impressive growth each holiday season. This year, Silicon Valley based robotics startup, Anki, has joined the mix with their new car game, Anki Drive. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of trying out the impressive Anki Drive at the home of a beta-tester and tech enthusiast.

Anki Driver Packaging Image

Artificial Intelligence is when computers or technology can accomplish tasks that require human intelligence. For example, that crazy looking Furby could learn words. I taught my sister’s Furby a few choice phrases, which the Furby said to my sister. Upon discovering this, my parents were not impressed. [keep reading]

How to create a great place to work

A piece of creating a great place to work is the physical space you create for your team.  Mojo has grown in the past couple of years and we had to upgrade our office space.

Mojo Motors NYC office

I’d like to share my thought process behind choosing and setting up our new office and why it’s all about the ENERGY. [keep reading]

Release Notes: September Product Updates

In the month of September, Mojo Motors made some major upgrades to the homepage and vehicle detail page (VDP). In fact, some folks might say aside from the new dealer dashboard, these are some of the biggest updates since the website was redesigned back in November of 2012.

New Mojo Motors homepage

The changes took place on the vehicle detail pages and the homepage. The internal codeword for the product update on the VDP was “Need for Speed.” There was no codeword for the homepage redesign, but for the purposes of a blog post, it will be named “Bye Sheila!” [keep reading]

How we close sales using logoI’m always searching for innovative tools that can help me sell Mojo Motors more efficiently to car dealerships. While there are tons of products out there, there are only a few that fit my needs. At the recommendation of a colleague, I discovered, a screen-sharing tool that helps me present, train, and demo my product, Mojo Motors website, with ease.

In the past, when showing a prospective client a product like Mojo, I would have the client log onto the site. After getting the prospective client to the site, I would then navigate the individual through the product. There were three factors that easily, and often did, prevented me from pitching the product as efficiently as possible: internet speed, technology limitations and distractions. [keep reading]

Festivus Month – A December to Remember

Working at a start up company is sort of like riding a roller coaster. It’s awesome and scary and thrilling, etc. To celebrate the Holidays at Mojo Motors, the Party Planning Committee came up with Festivus Month, “A December to Remember.”

It started with cookies each day for pretty much the entire month. We voted on our favorites and the winner received a $25 Amazon gift card. Then there was a dreidel tournament which included plenty of Hanukkah gelt, you know, those chocolate gold coins.

Finally, there was a Yankee Swap AKA White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Holiday party complete with a singing Justin Bieber toothbrush and scratch off lotto tickets. See the pictures of Mojo Motors’ Festivus below or see them all on our Google+ photo album. [keep reading]

Disruption is hard

Disruption is hard. When I joined Mojo Motors a year and half ago, I thought we were going to tear the used car industry a new one. Boy was I sort-of right.

Shopping for a used car is a pain. It’s hard to find the right car, track prices, and get a good deal without spending a ton of time and fielding a lot of calls. We built a solution at Mojo Motors that really helps people buy a used car. We had to take care of our dealer partners too, and we thought we had. You see we charged them whenever a Mojo member purchased a car. Sounds fair right? [keep reading]

Holiday Gifts for Clients or Customers

Gifting clients and customers is hard, especially when you have a lot of them. There are hundreds of active dealerships using Mojo Motors and they’re likely receiving holiday sausages, cheese trays and gift baskets with fancy crackers and mustard dipping sauces.

We wanted to send our dealerships something memorable, capable of standing out amongst the dairy and meat products they’re already being sent. Last year, we sent Mojo Motors-branded Sigg bottles to all of dealers. They were great bottles, but at over $30 a pop, they were expensive. This year we wanted to do something more cost effective but just as cool, if not cooler. [keep reading]

Why I love Yesware

As awesome as our website is, no product sells itself. Like sales teams at almost every startup, Mojo Motors has to find creative ways of getting our message heard. We need to break through the noise to sign up dealers since it takes roughly five calls before we get a decision maker on the line.

People that work at dealerships are busy and they’re constantly being sold new tools and products, so they have a habit of blowing off any new product that gets pitched to them. And really, don’t we all do that?

The challenge for us is to find ways of differentiating ourselves from all of the other products currently being pitched. Of course we can try different messages and using our gut we can guess what’s working and what isn’t. Thankfully, it’s 2012 and sales can be a lot more science than art so our gut can rest up for lunch. [keep reading]

We Are Quitters

Vince Lombardi said, “once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” By that token, Mojo Motors isn’t just a bunch of habitual quitters, we are addicts! You might find this nauseating, but fight your urge to spit at your computer in disgust and let me explain.

Riding the subway this morning I listened to Freakonomics Radio, a podcast by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the duo, who co-authored the best sellers Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics. They did an episode called “The Upside of Quitting,” in which they challenge our common cultural perception of quitting. They argue that if something is not right for you, ignore the sunk cost and quit it sooner rather than later.

We’ve all heard quotations from the likes of Napoleon Hill, who said, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits,” General MacArthur, who was sure that “age wrinkles the body, but quitting wrinkles the soul,” and even Mike Tyson, who said “champions don’t quit.” They are all wrong. [keep reading]

What makes an internship at a start up different

Every college student and post-grad can recognize the importance of a summer internship and I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to intern at a variety of different companies. As I reach the end of what will most likely be my last internship ever (I am graduating college in December), I am looking back to reflect on the many differences between an internship with an internet automotive start up like Mojo Motors and an internship with a much larger company.

keep reading…

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