Five things to do after making a sale

Orange Mojo Motors Phone Old SchoolOftentimes, the sale of a car signals the end of our relationship with that customer. Once the customer drives off our lot, we worry about bothering them. After all, they got the car, we got the sale…what more could we want?

Our hesitation to follow up most likely stems from not having a solid follow up procedure in place for our sales people. They don’t know when to make calls, what to say or how often to followup. Following up can be a huge opportunity to build a relationship, bump up referral business, create repeat customers in your service department and on your sales lot.

Five things to do after the sale:

  1. Call the day after. Thank them for their business and ask if they are enjoying the car or if they have any questions about the vehicle. Most of the time, the customer has so much on their mind during the sell that they forget a lot of the information you gave them.
  2. Write a thank you card. Put some thought into it and make it personal! I’ve seen salespeople take a photo of the car the day the customer bought it and used that as a thank you card. Don’t forget to include your business card as well.
  3. Call 14 days after. Ask if they have any questions regarding the features of the car. This shows them that you are there for them even after the sale.
  4. Call 30 days after. This is a good time to talk about your service department and offer to setup a service appointment for them. In addition, you can ask them the name of someone in the market for a vehicle.
  5. Create a customer appreciation event. Establishing a relationship between you, your sales staff and your customers. Events also give the sales team a reason to call their customers and check-in.

At my dealerships, I liked to organize what I called Family Cookout. I let my sales staff know the date we would throw a cookout on the lot and tell them to invite their sold customers. Organizing an event falls into the lap of the owners and managers, but these events are important tools for salespeople to properly follow-up after the sale with customers.

Cookout Food

Customer appreciation events and calls after the sale are the beginning of creating a followup up procedure for your sales teams. As a result, you’ll find a growing loyal customer base who will come back to your dealership time and time again because of the investment you’ve made into them and the sales team.

Written by Bryan Jennings
Photo credits: Syracuse Alumni Rowing, Reluctant Gourmet

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