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Top Gear to Crash Course – Richard Hammond Interview

Last week, Mojo Motors had a chat with Richard Hammond. You might recognize him as the shorter piece of the Top Gear trifecta which includes Jeremy Clarkson and James May. We chatted with Hammond about his experience filming the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course which premiered last night on BBC America. Listen to the entire Richard Hammond Interview here or make the jump below to learn more about Hammond’s American exploits.

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Ode to the Hilux

What do South American farmers, Libyan rebels, the United Nations, Taliban fighters, and Top Gear have in common?  You need but look at any picture compilation of civil wars, peacekeeping missions, or African road trips from the past four decades to come across it. Never the focus of the picture, never in the center, yet ever-present.  A legend born in 1968 and now in its 7th generation named the Hilux. What the AK-47 is to the world of arms, the Toyota truck is to the world of cars and mobility. Indestructible, cost effective, reliable, quick and maneuverable. Add in a brigade of guerrilla soldiers with the aforementioned Kalashnikovs or a .50 caliber gun on the bed, and you have one of the technically simplest yet most dangerous weapons systems in the world. This is why the Toyota truck has seen action in all major and minor conflicts since its creation. It even has a war named after it: the Toyota War between 90,000 man strong-Libya and 30,000 Hilux equipped Chadians (guess who won)?

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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The past week has been a whirlwind of auto news. Check out the links below for all the happenings.

Ford Fusion Nascar Racing Mojo Motors

Jalopnik test drove a 485HP, twin-turbo Nissan Juke R in Dubai

The world’s longest bus in China can hold 300 passengers

The new Ford Fusion NASCAR stock car actually looks like a Fusion

Ford has the highest brand loyalty, Toyota is second and Chevrolet is third

President Obama’s old 300C has been listed on ebay for $1,000,000

A Texas man filmed his wife giving birth while driving down the highway

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

And the countdown to the Top Gear India Special begins. Christmas too.

GM will put Cadillac in the limelight at the North American International Auto Show

One thing not to buy this holiday season? A car from Saab

Kim Jong-Il had a bit of a thing for Mercedes-Benz

40% of drivers aren’t taking their cars in for service and repairs

AJ Allmendinger will make the move to Penske Racing driving the #22 Dodge

CNN’s list of 10 naughty cars

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