I am a better employee because of fantasy football

On first glance, the analytical data I use on a daily basis doesn’t seem to relate to fantasy football, but just like most analytics data, digging deeper will allow you to find the connection. Analytics is not actually about the numbers themselves, but using those numbers to paint a picture or tell a story about the data. Looking at fantasy football metrics is exactly the same.

Point #1: Look at full data sets, not just isolated samples. When trying to draw conclusions, it’s very easy to look at a small set of data that proves the points you want to prove. Proving that a certain auto dealership has improving numbers is somewhat useful, but without data on all other dealerships, it’s not especially relevant. One store’s increase in unique visitors could be a moot point if the site went up on the whole, or it could be even more impressive if the site average went down. The same applies to fantasy football. If a WR or RB has an especially good week, look at the whole team. Did other players on the team do well? Maybe the QB threw 5 TD passes, and your star WR pickup is really just regular. Also pay attention to the defense they put up numbers against. Kevin Ogletree put up extremely good numbers against the Giants in week 1 this season, but the Giants defense was depleted. Once he had to play more well-rounded defenses, his numbers came back down to earth. [keep reading]

November Popularity Rankings on Mojo Motors

The king of popularity is the Subaru Impreza which retains its crown as the most searched vehicle on Mojo Motors in the month of November. Winners last month also include the Toyota Tacoma which jumps from fifth place to second place and the number six Ford F-150 making its premier in the top 10. Jeep made some moves too, boasting two vehicles in the top 10. The Wrangler comes in third place and the Grand Cherokee in seventh. For the second straight month, Toyota is the most searched brand on Mojo Motors and for the first time, Volvo and GMC have made it into top 10, kicking out poor-performing losers like BMW and Audi. For a more comprehensive breakdown, keep reading below.

Most Popular Searches on Mojo Motors in November

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