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MojoMotors.com expanding social media sphere

We be erwhere (everywhere) on the web.

For the reader with social media savvy, you probably understood that first line of our post without looking inside the parentheses. If you didn’t understand without looking at the translation, don’t feel bad, now you know. And now you’re instantly cooler. Thing is, to be super extra cool, you’ll need to expand and share your sphere of social presence with MojoMotors.com. We’ve recently changed our menu of social media offerings, so keep reading to get the word.

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Cool used car of the future: Thanksgiving Edition

This rare, one-of kind car isn’t really a cool used car of the future. In fact, it’s more of a cool imaginary car from the past when turkeys used to drive around in ears of corn. Those were the days, weren’t they? Anyways, have a great Thanksgiving everyone and if your food coma puts you into a state on immobility, check out the Mojo Motors discount used car listings. If you want even more, head over to our Tumblr page, Unsloppy Seconds, where we post pictures of cool used cars for sale around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Mojo.

Thanksgiving Turkey Car Image Mojo Motors

The Monday Grind

Hurricane Irene Radar Image

The only thing on television this weekend was Hurricane Irene coverage, at least on the East Coast, effectively blacking out or canceling the preseason football games I wanted to watch all week. This meant I could scour the web searching for noteworthy bits of information and links you might have missed.

-If you were too busy watching the MTV VMA’s (shame on you) instead of Top Gear, here’s what you missed. [link]

-August auto sales are expected to decline after Hurricane Irene damaged dealer inventories. [link]

-A Tumblr blog called Unsloppy Seconds features used cars and trucks for sale from around the web. [link]

-We spotted this Honda Civic parked in Brooklyn with a heavy-duty a steel lock attached to the trunk. [link]

-SAAB will be a no-show at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show because they’re too broke. [link]