Release Notes: January Product Updates

In the first month of the new year we made some big updates to the Mojo Motors website. Each day the Mojo Motors office gets a “Release Notes” email from CTO Tae Oh with the updates and bug fixes made by the tech team. Here are some of the stories from the “Release Notes” this month.

– Improved speed and quality of sold emails by updating search logic and using Lucene*

– Dealers using Mojo Motors can generate a PDF of their store’s Activity Report

– Signup pages on Mojo Motors have been updated to reflect the winning designs from an A/B test**

A/B Testing on Sign Up Page

– Vehicle detail pages (VDP) display high value features first like a sunroof, leather seats, etc…

– Homepage no longer displays vehicles without photos for better user experience

Most Followed cars with images

– Added dealership phone numbers to emails so users don’t have to click through to the website

– Created “New,” “Reduced” and “Sold” tags that are placed over vehicle photos

New Sold Reduced Tags

– Added rollover interactions on VDP to spice it up

– Fixed the bug where Lexus GX was being added to Lexus GS searches

* Sold emails are sent when users Following cars or cars that match their sold at a local dealer

** The headline now reflects the action someone took on the previous page like clicking the ‘Follow’ button