Used Car dealers

We hate long wait times, email forms and stock photos

You know what we hate? Filling out contact forms to get help using a website or selecting fifteen different options when trying to get tech support on the telephone. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone. Like right now. This isn’t to say email can’t be quick and efficient, but when it comes to buying a car, the face-to-face human element is often required. Phone might be a website, but real people work at the auto startup. We have a personality and want to make personal connections. It’s why our phone number isn’t hidden somewhere on our website, but displayed on the bottom of every page. You can’t miss it. Plus, we really like answering questions about what kind of used car or truck you should buy.

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Mojo Motors used car search infographics

Most and Least Searched Automakers on Mojo Motors ImageUsed cars and trucks are sort of our thing, actually check that, used cars and trucks are our thing. We have vehicles listings in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, so basically Mojo Motors is pushing lots and lots of used rides in New England. As Mojo Motors continues to expand into new reaches of the United States, we continue to uncover interesting information on used car buyers. More specifically, what used car shoppers are searching for on the Mojo Motors website.

September’s numbers have been crunched, the paper’s been pushed and with some mathematical skills we’ve determined the most popular used cars and trucks in New England. We’ve also found the most popular automakers as well as the most unpopular automaker and model searches too. The results may be surprising. Make the jump to see the results and poorly made infographics.

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