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Safest used cars under $10,000

Over the weekend you may have seen Jeff Gordon’s stock car flip over a handful of times and then land on its roof in a violent crash at the Budweiser Shootout in Daytona. Here’s a video. Gordon walked away unscathed, but it goes to show you how important safety is in a sport where cars are going 190+ MPH.

But what about about the rest of us in the real world? What are the safest used cars and trucks for families, new drivers or anyone on a budget? We’ve compiled a list of our top safety picks of used cars under $10,000 that you find on Keep reading for the complete breakdown and check back next week for the safest used cars under $20,000.

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Most Popular Used Cars on Mojo Motors

Mojo Motors works with used car dealers across New England in places like Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As car sales increased last month, so have the searches on our website. Here are the cars trending right now on Mojo Motors or translated into #cardealerspeak, “hottest cars on the lot.”

Top 20 Most Popular Used Car and Truck Searches in January 2012

1Used Honda Accord Image Mojo Motors. Honda Accord

2. Honda Civic

3. Jeep Wrangler

4. Toyota Tacoma

5. Honda CR-V

6. Nissan Altima

7. Jeep Grand-CherokeeUsed Jeep Grand Cherokee Mojo Motors

8. Audi A4

9. Ford F150

10. Toyota Corolla

11. BMW 3-Series

12. Toyota RAV4

13. Mazda3Used Subaru Forester Image

14. Toyota Camry

15. Honda Odyssey

16. Honda Pilot

17. Subaru Impreza

18. Toyota Highlander

19. Subaru Forester

20. Nissan Murano

Interested in the other January search data or the least popular searched rides on Mojo Motors? Give us a shout.