Why your company should write thank you notes

We love getting feedback. Each time someone lets us know why they love or hate our website, it’s like a miniature usability test. We find out about tech issues, learn how members use the website or why someone doesn’t want to sign up for a free account. It also gives us the chance to connect with a Mojo Motors fanatic or detractor.  When detractors let us know they aren’t digging us, we have a unique opportunity to turn them into fanatics. Sometimes this is impossible, but in many cases, simply responding to a detractor is all that it takes. Mostly because detractors aren’t accustomed to actually hearing back from a company. It’s how we are trying to make this whole process of shopping for a car online more personal and hopefully help us become known as the best way to find a used car or truck online. Make the jump below for more.

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The story behind a right hand drive Wrangler has a couple of requirements for the types of vehicles dealerships post on our website. Each vehicle must be used and can’t be any older than a 2000 model year, but no newer than a 2012. Last week, a Mojo partner dealer Bonneville & Son in Manchester, New Hampshire listed a four-door 2009 Jeep Wrangler X. Nothing seemingly unusual, but wait, what’s that RHD in the title? Right hand drive. Yep, that’s a Jeep Wrangler X with right hand drive. Curiosity prevailed and I started digging to find out more.

Jeep Wrangler with RHD

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