The cars Felix Baumgartner drives

While our friends over at Bold Ride took some creative liberties with what they believe to be in Baumgartner’s garage, we’re a little more practical. The dare-deviling, more like suicide attempting, Felix Baumgartner may have broken all sorts of records last weekend, but let’s remember something, he’s just a man. He still needs to buy groceries and put on his space suit pants one leg at a time.

So what kind of cars does the Austrian drive? Here’s our take based on what you can find on Mojo Motors. [keep reading]

True Strife: I Drive a Smart Car

Major conflicts exist all over the world.  Unfortunately, I have my fair share of them. My conflicts include my girlfriend vs. my fashion sense or lack thereof, and my social reputation vs. my car. Since my girlfriend always gets her way in terms of my clothing choices, let’s talk about the latter and more pressing issue. As the title of this post states, I, a self-proclaimed car guy, drive a 2008 Smart Passion ForTwo  painted in ULAS J1120+0641 Quasar Yellow. In simple terms, it’s brighter than Sergey Karjakin (pronounced Car-Yack-in, not Car-Jack-In, though my car has experienced both). I guess that’s not that simple, but just know that it’s really, really bright.

Now that my reputation amongst car people has been completely torn down, it’s time to build it back up again with a brief history of the Smart brand. The brand was conceived by Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek. His original goal was to create a car with interchangeable plastic color panels to suit the mood of the owner, similar to his watch trim. Volkswagen was Mr. Hayek’s original partner on the project but dove out early.  The project was then picked up by Daimler-Benz, who after losing a large sum of money, bought the Smart brand outright. Two things can be brought up with this history: [keep reading]

Top 10 Used Car Wheel Designs

Motor Trend recently published Top 10 New Car Wheel Designs on Wide Open Throttle. These are the cars that can be driven right off the lot with wheels that don’t fail to impress. This means that a new car buyer won’t need to contribute coin to the auto aftermarket for a new set wheels which MSN Autos estimates to be a $295 billion business.

Corvette ZR1 wheels

So what if you’re not in the market for a new car? No worries, here’s our Top 10 list of wheels found on used cars between 2000 and 2012 that have designs standing the test of time so hopefully the previous owner took care of their wheels. Make the jump to see if you agree with our picks. [keep reading]

The Magic Behind the Local Car Show

I assume anyone reading this post has been to at least one car show. There are just as many categories of car shows as there are types of cars. I’ve been to a lot of different ones but the nostalgic feeling and genuineness found at the local car shows can’t be found anywhere else. And the knowledge you gain from talking to the folks who actually owned and worked on these cars is different from the MPG and HP ratings you find on a sheet at the large international shows. But before I get all sentimental over these local events, I’d like to take some time to explain how these opinions were formed.

About 10 years ago, I went to my first car show with my uncle and his family. This wasn’t a run of the mill local car meet; this was the New York International Auto Show…one of the largest automotive enthusiast events in the world. With hundreds, maybe thousands of cars at display, there was something for everyone to see. From insanely priced and powerful exotics such as the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT to the grocery getters we’re more likely to drive in our lifetimes, all were parked and glistening on what would be the equivalent of a red carpet for cars. [keep reading]

What car shoppers search for is misleading

Auto Remarketing wrote a similar article based on our data. You can read that here.

The discrepancy between what people search online and what they actually end up purchasing can, often times, be entirely different. It sort of makes sense – people are aspirational. It’s the whole reason you see young and beautiful models in advertisements, not the middle aged and overweight. For real, who wouldn’t rather have a BMW over a Kia?

Take the minivan, for example. Most people don’t want the minivan. They will do anything they possibly can to get an Acadia, a Pilot or anything that can fit 8 people, tow a boat and not cost more than half of their median income. In most cases, practicality prevails and people end up with that affordable Grand Caravan and their dreams dwindle away in the internet history folder.

This is not always true, however, it really just depends on the vehicle they’re searching. For example, the numbers and Google Analytics and SQL man at Mojo Motors, Michael Milstein pulled up some data nuggets on the cars members search for most and the cars they actually bought. Make the jump for some surprises. [keep reading]

Cool Used Cars of the Future: Geneva Motor Show

The auto shows in the United States are stages for American automakers to debut their practical vehicles. You know, a Fusion, Malibu or some compact car nobody will buy. Sometimes General Motors, Ford Motor Company or Chrysler will premier an outlandish concept vehicle, but that’s rarer than seeing a hamster drive a Kia. The auto show in Geneva, however, is where super cars capture the spotlight.

Funny Picture of a Toyota

Sure, there were some “practical” cars premiering in Geneva. Take the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, for instance- four doors and an inline six (just ignore the price tag of $77,000). See? Practical. There’s also the Toyota FT-Bh Concept vehicle that gets 112 MPG. Perfect for eco-concious buyers or anyone trying to save money on gas. It’s also perfect for anyone that doesn’t care about looks or what people might think when they pull up to a restaurant driving in what looks like an amphibious vehicle. Yep, it’s practical alright.

This blog post is about cool used cars of the future, not practical vehicles with good gas mileage. That’s why we’ve put together our favorites from the show you can only find in Geneva and given you some fun facts to impress family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to know the FT-Bh has only 0.235 of drag coefficient?

keep reading…

The Best Red Cars: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentines day carToday is Valentine’s Day and the holiday is synonymous with a few of things: dinner dates, flowers, chocolates and colors like red, purple or pink. might not be able to tell you the best chocolates or flowers to buy for your Valentine, but we do know a few things about the color red and it can make some cars look mighty fine. We like to pretend purple or pink cars don’t exist.

Facts on the Color Red:

– When you see the color red, your heart beats faster

– It’s a myth that red cars get more speeding tickets

– Red is a powerful color and evokes emotions like courage, sin, lust, passion and danger

– It stands out, grabs our attention and practically yells out, “Look at me!”

– If red could type text messages and emails, it would write with caps lock on at all times

– Red is associated with dominance and a red necktie has been nicknamed the “power tie”

– Winners wear red; the color is “consistently associated with a higher probability of winning”

– It’s the #5 most popular car color according to the 2011 DuPont Car Color Popularity Report

Here are used cars and trucks currently on with sultry red paint jobs.

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Cool used cars of the future: Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Regina Concept Mojo Motors Blog ImageThe Tokyo Motor Show is now open to the public and continues until December 11. Like all other auto shows, car makers are using the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil their latest concepts. The cars included below are cool. The Suzuki Regina, pictured to the right, however, is not cool. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the wheels. Maybe it’s because the car is just plain ugly. Save your eyes and keep reading the Mojo Motors Blog cool used cars of the future from the Tokyo Motor Show. We promise they are way better than the Regina.

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The Monday Grind

The weekend that was November 18-20 gave us time to prepare for a short three-day week and, of course, the latest Nascar Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. Read more by following the links below.

Chevrolet’s proves that “Chevy Runs Deep” aint no joke

Top Gear Live is going down this week in London and it will be way better than Charlie Sheen’s Truth Tour

Tony “Smoke” Stewart took the Sprint Cup Championship over the weekend at Homestead in Miami

ESPN’s Ed Hinton calls Tony Stewart a Nascar legend

The VW Caddy got some cred from Hooniverse’s “What the Truck Weekend”

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