10 questions people think about at a car dealer

10. Is that the 2015 model?

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9. Why hasn’t anyone told me that my oil change was completed an hour ago?

Office Space Gif

8. Why does this coffee taste worse than gross Halloween candy from 1999?

Healthy Candy Gif

7. How come the sales guy didn’t call me back?

Call Me Maybe GIF

6. I hate paying money to get my car fixed – why don’t I live in a place where I don’t need a car?

Crowded Subway Crazy Gif

5. Is the mechanic going to steal something from my car? 

Monkey Stealing Gif

4. Wouldn’t this waiting room be so much awesomer if there were corgi puppies?Cute Puppy Gif

3. Am I the only person that can’t understand all this dealer paperwork?

Brittney Spears Confused Gif

2. Why is that awkward person staring at me from across the waiting room?

Weird Stare Glasses GIF

1. I am done? I can finally drive away in my new car?

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Written by Max Katsarelas

How to write used car descriptions

Used Toyota Highlander Image Mojo Motors BlogWith thousands of cars listed on our website, Mojo Motors has access to just as many used car and truck descriptions. These hand-crafted descriptions are the works of not writers or poets, but rather, car dealers. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that car dealers aren’t known for their writing chops.

Their highly systematized approach to writing about their cars listed for sale often highlight key features in vehicles like front and rear cup holders. They also use ‘then’ and ‘than’ incorrectly on a semi-regular-to-constant basis. Ultimately, there’s something to be learned in all of this and that’s how to write and not write used car descriptions. Keep reading as we’ve compiled some of our favorite examples below.

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What’s in the trunk?

This Honda Civic modded with a steel lock must not have junk in that trunk.

Honda Civic with Lock

Spotted in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.