Six ways to add sizzle in email responses

A large part of what we do at dealerships involves establishing contact with the customer. However, all too often we respond to online customer inquiries with an auto response email. If you’ve ever spent any time mystery shopping your competition you’ll find that they’re doing the same thing.

Fajita PlatterDoes a general auto response really engage our customers with answers to their questions? If we’re being honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We are just relying on the auto response email to ensure that the customers gets something/anything from our dealership. Here are a six quick tips to help you effectively engage your customers and add some sizzle: [keep reading]

Why I love Yesware

As awesome as our website is, no product sells itself. Like sales teams at almost every startup, Mojo Motors has to find creative ways of getting our message heard. We need to break through the noise to sign up dealers since it takes roughly five calls before we get a decision maker on the line.

People that work at dealerships are busy and they’re constantly being sold new tools and products, so they have a habit of blowing off any new product that gets pitched to them. And really, don’t we all do that?

The challenge for us is to find ways of differentiating ourselves from all of the other products currently being pitched. Of course we can try different messages and using our gut we can guess what’s working and what isn’t. Thankfully, it’s 2012 and sales can be a lot more science than art so our gut can rest up for lunch. [keep reading]