The best paint jobs in motorsports

dale earnhardt black race car number 3 image

Henry Ford said, “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as its black.” That was back in 1909, a time when indoor plumbing was still a luxury and during scraps people yelled, “put up your dukes!”  These days, black is still a respectable color, but in the world of motorsports, flashy wins out every time. Unless, that is, the car belonged to the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. who is known for his black #3 Goodwrench stock car. Even though seemingly all of our Facebook fans favorite paint jobs involve an Earnhardt car, both Senior and Junior, we were able to muster up some other unique paint jobs from motorsports. Check them out below and be sure to let us know what we missed.

Ashley Force’s Castrol GTX NHRA Funny Car

ashley force pink funny car image

Robert Guerrero’s Pennzoil IndyCar

Roberto Guerrero indy car pennzoil image

Rhys Millen’s Red Bull Pikes Peak Race Car

Red Bull Racing and Hyundai PM580 Pikes Peak Race Car image

Colin Mcrae’s No Fear Subaru WRX STi Rally Car

colin mcrae no fear rally car image

Ken Block’s Monster Energy Drink Ford Fiesta Gymkhana Car

Ken Block Monster Energy car image

Richard Petty’s #43 Plymouth Superbird

Richard Petty Plymouth Superbird image

Photo credits: espn, infineon, auto infection, mikesdecals, insideline, hellformotors