The cars that gamers drive

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Pwnage License Plate ImageIf you typically lump gamers into one large category of dudes with too much time on their hands who like things with lots of buttons you should first watch yourself and second, consider this recent survey. Game publisher RockYou found there are four distinct types of gamers and they like more than lots of buttons to push. There’s the affluent gamer: someone who games hard, spending hours in front of a screen while eating massive amounts of Cheetos. There’s the competitive gamer: someone who spends hours in front of a screen, much like an affluent gamer, but typically games to beat up on their friends and boast about their skillz. It should be noted that the competitive gamer also consumes large amounts of cheesy snack foods – or anything involving cheese for that matter. The third type of gamer is the impassioned supporter of a select few online games that are free to play. Unfortunately, their snacking habits are a bit harder to identify. Lastly, there’s the newbie or n00b who can typically found getting pwned.

Let’s break this down. The affluent gamer, whilst gaming a considerable amount, is career-focused and largely comprised of men. They may or may not drink gamer-fuel in the form of Mountain Dew, coffee or Powerthirst. The competitive gamer are mostly women, believe it or not, so are the n00bs and the passionate supporters. At first this may seem a bit off, but if you take the time to look at Facebook updates of your friends, these stats don’t seem totally wrong. How many dudes do you know who play FarmVille or The Sims? With the information and data supplied from from RockYou, we’ve compiled a list of the best used cars for each gamer type. Make the jump to see the breakdown.

Affluent Gamer: Audi A6

Used Audi A6 Mojo Motors

The Audi A6 is a prime example of what subtle luxury looks like. Quiet and understated, the Audi A6 is a refined, yet capable vehicle just waiting to unleash that turbocharged engine. Plus, the A6 is loaded with technology and amenities making the driving experience unique to other luxury vehicles, i.e. Quattro AWD. The affluent gamer will love all of these things, especially when trying to remain modest while on the road or during hours of gaming. They live by the motto, “actions speak louder than words.”

Competitive Gamer: Acura TL

Mojo Motors Acura TL Image

Nothing says “I’m here, look at me!” quite like the Acura TL. Those edgy lines and that beak of a front end makes a statement immediately. The competitive gamer fits in perfectly behind this ostentatious whip. It’s one of those love ’em or hate ’em type deals and this refers to both a competitive personality and their car of choice. Alternative rides for a competitive gamer include the Cadillac CTS or any sort of Land Rover SUV. The competitive gamer can also be found driving with a Bluetooth headset in-ear, changing lanes without using turn signals and hanging out at convenience stores late at night.

Passionate Supporter: Mid Size Sedans

Used Honda Accord Mojo Motors

The passionate supporter sticks to what they know, even if that means playing the 15-year-old Pokemon Red for GameBoy Color or ordering the same exact four items from Taco Bell even though a plethora of new options are added monthly.  Nonetheless, these people are experts on the games they love, capable of going into great detail about seemingly useless strategies when attempting to capture a wild Pikachu or tips on whatever other game they have been playing on-and-off since puberty.They typically can be seen driving any midsize sedan from the brand of their first or possibly second car. Therefore, expect to see the passionate supporter in a Chevrolet Malibu, a Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, etc.

The N00b: Late Model-Saturn

Saturn Ion Image Mojo Motors

The n00b finds little enjoyment out of games and they do it as a way to waste time. Nothing more. They’re practical to a fault, usually asking themselves “Why pay for a PS3 when I can do the same thing with that used PS2?” It’s naive, yes, which is exactly why they would probably drive a late model Saturn. Much like their virtual existence in a constant state of pwnage, the n00b’s Saturn can be found struggling to reach highway speeds while merging or accelerating after a light change. Because why get a car that offers excitement and thrills when you only need to go from Point A to Point B, right?

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