The loneliest used vehicles on Mojo Motors

keanu reeves lonely image mojo motors imageMojo Motors is a website that sells used cars and trucks which gives the Mojo Motors Blog access to some interesting findings. Per November search data, the most searched vehicles in New England were the Subaru Impreza and Toyota Tacoma. If you’re curious for the complete details, check out the November Popularity Rankings.

Then there are the most unpopular vehicles in New England and they’re lonely, forgotten and neglected sort of like Keanu Reeves seen to the right. Based upon the least searched vehicles on Mojo Motors combined with a scientific analysis of Facebook likes and their rank in the Edmunds Inside Line’s 100 Worst Cars of All Time, these are the loneliest vehicles on the road today. Photographs are in black and white to make them look extra lonely.

Nissan Cube

Black and White Nissan Cube Image Mojo Motors Blog

The Nissan Cube may not have achieved a place on the Inside Line 100 Worst Cars of All Time, but it’s achieved a spot as one of the loneliest vehicles on Mojo Motors getting searched just .02% of the time. The Cube is also hated by Canada and Canada doesn’t hate anything. After a quick Google search, endless forum posts and car reviews flame the lonely ride. One reporter went as far to say it was the “worst car of the decade.” Making matters worse, the Nissan Cube Canada Facebook page only has 811 likes and a total of 11 people are talking about the brand. Weak.

Popular Alternative: Kia Soul

Saturn Ion

Saturn Ion Image Mojo Motors Blog

The Ion from the now defunct Saturn nameplate was described by Inside Line as “easily the second worst car of the 21st century.” Furthermore, it was “shockingly incompetent to drive and with a stupid interior to match.” The Ion has been searched about as much as the Nissan Cube and the Saturn Ion Fan Page on Facebook boasts a whopping 13 likes.

Popular Alternative: Honda Civic

Mitsubishi Endeavor

Suzuki Endeavor Image Mojo Motors

Endeavor is defined as an “attempt to reach a goal.” Thus, the Mitsubishi Endeavor is a means to an end and there’s nothing aspirational about a means to an end. In fact, the Endeavor is the anti-aspirational. The Endeavor is so lonely and unpopular that it doesn’t have a Facebook fan page and fearing ridicule, people clear their internet history after searching for this crossover SUV.

Popular Alternative: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ford Flex

Ford Flex Image Mojo Motors

Some used vehicles deserve to be lonely and the Ford Flex is one of them. It’s got the looks not even the Flex’s design team could love. The Flex’s Facebook fan page has 4,580 likes which easily makes it the most popular lonely vehicle in this post, but those likes were probably out of pity. The same can probably be attributed to the .02% of searches for the Flex on Mojo Motors in November. The only thing this hulking beast of a crossover can boast about was winning the title of Forbes’ Ugliest Crossover of 2010.

Popular Alternative: Toyota Highlander

Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice Image Mojo Motors Blog

Calling the Pontiac Solstice one of the loneliest cars feels like an injustice to this limited-time Miata Killer. It’s like speaking ill-will about Jennifer Aniston or Shirley Temple. Inside Line called the Solstice one of the worst vehicles because it was supposed to save Pontiac, but instead “this overweight, underpowered, crudely engineered P.O.S. helped kill it.” As a supporter of almost everything Bob Lutz, the Mojo Motors Blog couldn’t disagree more. Nonetheless, the stats don’t lie and the Solstice is one of the least searched vehicles on Mojo Motors and very, very lonely.

Popular Alternative: Mazda Miata