Top Gear to Crash Course – Richard Hammond Interview

Last week, Mojo Motors had a chat with Richard Hammond. You might recognize him as the shorter piece of the Top Gear trifecta which includes Jeremy Clarkson and James May. We chatted with Hammond about his experience filming the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course which premiered last night on BBC America. Listen to the entire Richard Hammond Interview here or make the jump below to learn more about Hammond’s American exploits.

In the world of Automotive TV shows, there are few that have lasted and even fewer that have been any good. One is more than likely the result of the other, however, given the popularity of the Kardashians’ television series, we can’t be too sure that quality is the determining factor behind staying on top of today’s television market. But I digress. In the world of gearhead TV shows, there’s one that stands out above the rest. Top Gear. No matter if you are a car enthusiast or just someone who drives a car, Top Gear has the perfect mix of travel, fun-loving personalities and souped up machines; making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. In the ten years since it first debuted on the air, this British TV show has become the most watched in the world.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are the three personalities that have made this show such a success, leading viewers on weekly adventures with humor, spontaneity, and a ridiculous knowledge of all things that may or not be car related. In 2011, Host Richard Hammond or “The Hamster” as fans of the show know him, set out with a new series to be filmed here in the US. This new show would revolve around Richard learning how to do a different job every week. The catch being that he would have a mere three days to master each job. The series, aptly named “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” saw Richard trying his best to learn how to operate some of America’s largest pieces of heavy equipment, including a M1A2 Abrams Tank.

Richard is back with season two of his show and this year he’ll be spending his time working to overcome his own personal fears. All for our viewing pleasure. We’ll see Richard attempt stand up comedy, learn how to drive a cab in New York City, conquer his fear of heights and many more. We at the Mojo Motors Race Report got a chance to chat with Richard about this upcoming season and what we can expect from him. Listen in as he talks about filming a show in the States and how overcoming your fears can be extremely challenging but also very rewarding.