Unusual cars to fend off zombie attacks

Unusual cars to fend off zombie attack Image Mojo Motors BlogThe official Guide to Zombie Survival infographic was released yesterday with a complete analysis of the commonly encountered types of zombies, what happens after you’re bitten and a list of mandatory supplies for “maximum chance of survival.” These include water, non-perishable victuals, medicine/first aid supplies, radio and clothing. There’s an essential part of the guide missing and it doesn’t answer the question of transportation. Thus, the Mojo Motors Blog will finish where the infographic left off by offering up the best non-traditional vehicles to use during zombie attacks.

You might be thinking a Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler (hard top) or Hummer would make for the best vehicles when facing a zombie attack but you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Sure, their four wheel drive and skid plates are superior for all-terrain navigation, however, when the zombie attacks start happening, everyone will be scrambling to find these vehicles. A survivor needs to think outside the Hard Top Jeep Wrangler or FJ Cruiser. That’s why Mojo Motors has done the legwork for you, developing a comprehensive list of unusual vehicles and strategies that could potentially save your life during the zombie attack that will probably never happen.

If you care at all about your future, your children’s future or your children’s children you will read on.

Camping World Truck Series Pick Up Truck

Camping World Truck Series Truck Image Ron Hornaday Jr Image

While the interior isn’t exactly spacious and you’ll have to overlook the lack of basic amenities such as climate control, radio or space for your family- this truck is fast. Really fast. It could outrun the zombie of Usain Bolt.

Pros: 650 HP engine

Cons: Requires 98 octane fuel, limited cargo space

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Used Toyota Prius Boston Hybrid Mojo Motors Image

Best case scenario is you have a friend driving the Camping Truck Series Pickup Truck to offset the lack of speed and performance of the Prius. The Prius, meanwhile gets good gas mileage and doesn’t require 98 octane. Plus, if you find the right Prius, it will have an optional GPS navigation system and push-start ignition so you won’t have to worry about pesky keys.

Pros: Gas mileage, GPS navigation system, push-button ignition

Cons: Slow, ugly

Vehicle with Flame Graphics

Flame Car graphics Image Mojo Motors

Zombies are thought of to be brain dead but their cognitive function is still heavily debated. A possible zombie repellent could be the flame graphics on the side of a vehicle. To the human eye, flame graphics are silly because, contrary to popular belief, they do not make a car faster. To the zombie eye, flame graphics are dangerous and capable of burning skin to the touch.

Pros: Repels zombies

Cons: Car is not faster because of painted flames

Buick LeSabre

Used Buick LeSabre Boston Mojo Motors Image

Zombies thrive on human blood but even zombies can be selective of their prey. The Buick LeSabre tells zombies the blood in this four-door sedan is no good. Why? Because you’re probably elderly and frail which is stereotypically the driver of a LeSabre. Nonetheless, the engine is reliable and the car can get to the safety of a zombie-free zone in the refined luxury of a Buick.

Pros: Spacious interior, smooth ride, reliable engine

Cons: Old-person odor

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