[Update] How to shop for used cars online

Mojo Motors is making it faster and easier to shop for a used car. That’s a fact. You know what else is a fact? That you, car shopper, will spend 11 hours online researching, viewing price histories and Following your favorite used cars. Now look at this picture of a happy person.

old school used car sign

That happy person could be you one day. If you’re just entering the world of car shopping, you are probably questioning if you should buy new or used or what is a CPO car? Irregardless of whether you’re about to purchase your car or still just getting started, here’s how Mojo Motors is going to make it easy and save you coin so you can be happier than a dude eating the biggest cheeseburger in the world.

Before we get into all the specifics let’s play a little game of truth or truth.

Truth: Dealers drop prices on used cars when they don’t sell.

Truth: Dealers don’t wants cars to be on their lot longer than 40 days.

Bonus Truth: The Price History tab will show you how long a car has been on the lot.

We’re serious about trying to make it easier for you to shop for a used car. So serious, in fact, we even made a graphic so you know weren’t not messing around.Used Car infographic

Armed with the information above, there are a bunch of things you can do with Mojo Motors like Follow your favorite used cars. You can use the alerts toolbar to see price drops, the cars you’re Following and the cars you recently viewed. You can also customize your email alerts. Explosion! Now, please scroll down for the serious stuff.

<3 your faves

<3 your faves

After starting a search on Mojo Motors, you’ll want to Follow your favorite cars. Click the Follow button to have them saved in your alerts toolbar. Following these cars will not only save them for you, but it will also help the Mojo alert algorithm know which cars you like. This way, we can send you alerts when cars similar to what you’re Following drop in price or are added to the website.

Alerts are like alarm clocks

Alerts Toolbar Mojo

So you already know we’re going to send you alerts when cars you’re Following drop in price or similar cars are added to the website. You can also find the same information using the alerts toolbar in the header. The alerts toolbar shows the cars you’re Following (heart icon), cars that have just dropped in price (bell icon) and all the cars you recently viewed (reverse arrow icon).

Tailor and customize your alerts

Email Settings Page

On the Email Settings page, you can alter your alerts for the exact makes and models you want. If you were originally shopping for a used Accord and then decide you would rather have a Wrangler, you can turn off the Accord alert so you’ll only get alerts for the Wrangler. You can also choose to have these alerts sent daily or weekly.

So that’s your quick tutorial about how to use Mojo Motors to shop for a used car. If you have questions, feel free to Tweet us @MojoMotors or drop us a line.

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Written by Max Katsarelas