What everyone was talking about at #DD16

Mojo Motors Founder & CEO Paul Nadjarian spoke to a crowd of over one hundred dealership managers and owners during his Digital Dealer 16 session called “The biggest miss in your digital marketing strategy.” The event was held from April 6 to 8 in Atlantic City and is one of the prominent dealership conventions addressing the changing consumer trends and opportunities for the auto industry to increase walk-in and web traffic, along with proven methods to improve customer experience, spur more car sales and motivate employees.


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So what was the biggest miss? Alerts. Dealerships aren’t leveraging the power of alerts to push shoppers through the funnel, influence purchase decision and create an urgency to buy. Alerts are used in the flight and real estate industries, but automotive is lagging behind. In fact, if you consider alerts to be web 2.0, the auto industry is still stuck in web 1.0.

Paul used examples from Twitter, Kayak and LinkedIn to illustrate in his session how users are shifting from browsing-based platforms to alert-based platforms. Websites are becoming massive alert engines and the companies that do thier alerts best focus on five ingredients.

Ingredients for a Great AlertIngredients for a great alert


1. Big Data

From collection to analysis, alerts need to be rooted in big data and the way shoppers are using your website. Algorithms then need to be put into place so alerts can be triggered after users take particular actions.

2. Relevant & Credible

Sending out an alert won’t be effective unless it gets opened. The alert needs to be relevant which can be accomplished through a descriptive subject line and sent from a credible source.

3. Creative & Intelligent

Once that email is opened, the goal is getting clicks. The body of the email should be creative enough to get someone to click the call-to-action and intelligent enough to reference what the user did on a website.

4. Mobile Optimization

Over 50% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices and over 90% of people check their emails on their phone. Both the alert and landing pages should be optimized for mobile.

5. Speed

The final ingredient is lightning fast speed. If you’ve got all the other ingredients perfect, and your website is slow, users will bounce. Increasing the speed of your website will increase user activity by leaps and bounds.

How fast does mobile need to be

If your dealership isn’t already sending out alerts, there is a huge opportunity increase exposure to your inventory and attract more buyers to your store. If you’re a Mojo Motors premium dealer, we got you covered since we’re already alerting car shoppers each time your store drops a price, a car sells or new cars are added. If you’re not a premium dealer on Mojo, learn more about how we can help your store here or watch our explainer video. You can also view Paul’s entire #DD16 deck below.