What it takes to like Mojo Motors on Facebook

The Mojo Motors Facebook page currently has over 150,000 likes and to “like” Mojo Motors on Facebook there are a few requirements. Actually, this isn’t technically true because anyone can like us, but be warned. Before committing yourself and your News Feed to Mojo Motors posts ask yourself a few questions:

Do I like cars with with mustaches?

Car with mustache image Mojo Motors

Am I into cool used cars of the future?

Cool used car of the future mojo motors image

How about pictures of police officers caught in weird situations?

bad drivers caught in floods image cops mojo motors

Do I find Kyle Busch’s choice of sunglasses offensive?

Kyle Busch Stupid Sunglasses Image Mojo Motors

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Mojo Motors is a perfect fit for you. If you are still worried you might not fit into the Mojo Motors Facebook community, fear not, because you’re sure to find something you like in the following breakdown of Mojo Motors fans by the numbers:

What Mojo Motors Facebook Fans Like Image

So join us lovers of Kohl’s and Dr. Pepper. Come on down people who like kicking back a few cold Mountain Dew pops. You’ll be in good company. And if you really are digging Mojo Motors or just want to buy a used car, check out our discount used cars and trucks. We’re shameless.

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