Why you should bring a tablet to a conference

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of representing Mojo Motors at the Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas.  At the last minute I decided to bring along a company iPad so I could show convention goers our  redesigned website.

Bringing the iPad turned out to be the second most important item to bring to a Las Vegas conference, right after business cards.  I ended up using the iPad for everything – I used it for directions, to show off our site and to take notes at presentations.  I could leave my maps, notebooks, pens and computer at the hotel.  Tweeting from the iPad was also much easier than tweeting from my phone.

The most useful function turned out to be the camera.  Rather than scramble to jot down critical notes from each of the presenter’s slides, I could simply snap a photo of the presentation.  It took seconds to do and I was able to capture important charts at a moment’s notice.  I wasn’t the only one snapping photos.  Every time an important slide came up, everyone in the room with a tablet would raise it up and snap away.

It was my first time using a tablet and I’ll be sure to bring one to every convention from now on.  I suggest everyone does the same.

Photo credits: BostInno