Why your company should write thank you notes

We love getting feedback. Each time someone lets us know why they love or hate our website, it’s like a miniature usability test. We find out about tech issues, learn how members use the website or why someone doesn’t want to sign up for a free account. It also gives us the chance to connect with a Mojo Motors fanatic or detractor.  When detractors let us know they aren’t digging us, we have a unique opportunity to turn them into fanatics. Sometimes this is impossible, but in many cases, simply responding to a detractor is all that it takes. Mostly because detractors aren’t accustomed to actually hearing back from a company. It’s how we are trying to make this whole process of shopping for a car online more personal and hopefully help us become known as the best way to find a used car or truck online. Make the jump below for more.

We take this same approach with Mojo Motors members who buy a car they saw on our website. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a book called Thank-You Economy which guides a lot of how Mojo Motors creates a unique customer experience. Every time a Mojo Motors member buys a car, we send them a handwritten note with some Mojo Motors stickers (we use Sticker Mule and they’re awesome). We have probably sent over 300 thank you notes and we’re pretty much keeping the USPS afloat. Hand written notes is our way of trying to personalize car shopping online one step further. It is also why 39% of the members who buy a car fill out the Mojo Rewards (that’s just our fancy way of saying survey).

There’s something about hand written notes that people just like. It shows that someone took the time to let someone else know they’re appreciated. Taking the time to write these notes is consuming. It’s why a company like ThankThank Notes exists because some companies or people just don’t have the time. For us, it’s an investment into word-of-mouth marketing that we hope will continue to grow. Even some of the big boys are starting to catch on. USA Today just wrote an article on phone-carrier Sprint which has started pushing their employees to send thank you notes to customers. Smart thinking.

With all the time that it takes to write thank you notes, is it really worth it? This question becomes even more important, especially as Mojo Motors expands nationwide. The answer is yes. Like most companies, Mojo Motors is driven by goals. If we want to be known as the Zappos of online car shopping, we need to acknowledge each member that reaches out to us. We need to continue to make the experience personal, learn from detractors and keep the fanatics happy by continuing to surpass their expectations.

So should your company hand write thank you notes? Well, should you hold the door for old ladies or use your blinker when changing lanes on the highway? Of course you should.

Photo credits: 48hourslogo, success