Worst used cars to buy if you want to stand out

Some car review sites and magazines name the best cars to buy based on reliability, safety or price. Even we have been known to highlight the best cars to buy based on biggest price drops. Thing is, everyone is touting the same handful of cars over and over and over again. And people are actually eating it up.

Toyota Camry Used Beige Boring Image

Doesn’t anyone want to be different? Doesn’t anyone want to be unique and push the boundaries? Sure, buying a car is the second biggest purchase of your life, but your car should be a reflection of your identity and personality. If you want to break out the mold, it’s time to disregard reliability, resale value or gas mileage.

If you want to be like every other wheel-steering and grocery-getting driver, than these cars might be the right one for you. But if you value being unique, then these are definitely the worst cars to buy.

Honda Accord
1.4 Price Drops / $449.62 Total Price Drop

2010 Honda Accord Image The Honda Accord is always making a list on Mojo Motors as one of the most popular used cars. Here’s proof. So why is the Accord so darn popular? Its four cylinder engine gets a combined 25 MPG and the six cylinder engine gets a combined 23MPG. It has a variety of trims spanning economical (LX and EX) to darn-near luxury (EX-L and Touring). It can be bought in either a “sporty” coupe (check it out) or conservative sedan. It’s also pretty safe, getting four or five stars in every crash test, so when everyone crashes their Accords or Camrys into each other, no one ever gets hurt.

Why is it the worst?

850,027 Accords have been sold between 2010 and 2012 according to Good Car Bad Car. That’s enough Accords for every person in the City and County of San Francisco with almost enough left over for everyone in Greenland. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. Everyone has got one of these cars.

Toyota Camry
1.8 Price Drops / $643.80 Total Price Drop

2010 Beige Toyota Camry The Camry is so conservative and unobtrusive, it hurts the car geeks of the world. At the same time, the Camry is affordable, reliable and fuel-efficient. The four cylinder engine gets about combined 28 MPG while the V6 gets a combined 25 MPG. Plus, the Camry is boosted by loyalty and dependability scores from J.D. Power year after year after year.

Why is it the worst?

It’s the most boring car on the road according to Microsoft which is saying a lot. 1,041,200 Toyota Camrys were sold between 2010 and 2012 according to Good Car Bad Car. That’s a lot of cars. Now try this on for size, as of the publication of this post, the Camry has been the best selling car in America 15 times the last 16 years.

Nissan Altima
1.3 Price Drops / $607.42 Total Price Drop

2010 Nissan Altima UsedThe Nissan Altima gets grouped in with the Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys because it’s managed to be safe, reliable and hold its value well for about a decade now. And with 801,178 Altimas sold between 2010 and 2012 according to Good Car Bad Car it places right behind the two. Starting in 2008, a coupe was available so shoppers could get that “sporty” look. Like the Camry and Accord, the Altima is anything but a gas guzzler. The four cylinder gets a combined 27 MPG which is actually better than the Accord and the six cylinder gets a combined 23 MPG. The Altima sedan has five stars in nearly every safety rating and except for the side passenger. This is still better than the Accord which has a three star rating for the side passenger.

Why is it the worst?

The Altima Hybrid’s drive-system is licensed by Toyota, so basically what this means is if you buy an Altima hybrid, you’re buying a Toyota Camry hybrid.

Ford F150
1.5 Price Drops / $1,127.60 Total Price Drop

2010 Ford F150 Pickup

The F150 has won every award possible including the “Truck of Texas,” the “Best Overall Half-Ton Pickup,” the “Best Redesigned Vehicle,” the “Top Safety Pick,” the most “Accessory-Friendly Pick-up” and the “Residual Value Award.” That was only some of the awards. Unlike the Camry, the F150 isn’t called bland or stale, but with every other person driving around in a Ford truck, consider an alternative to standout. There’s the RAM 1500 or Chevrolet Silverado for starters.

Why is it the worst?

The Ford F150, now in its twelfth generation, is the most popular pick up truck ever. In just three years, from 2010-2012, there were 1,758,582 F150s sold. That’s about 700,000 more than the Toyota Camry which has been the best selling car in the States for practically 16 years.

Ford Fusion
2 Price Drops / $801.78 Total Price Drop

Ford Fusion ImageThe Ford Fusion has always been a popular car for Ford – even before its Aston Martin facelift. Unlike the Accord, Camry or Altima, the Fusion boasts an AWD system, but it comes at a cost. The Fusion really struggles in the MPG category. The four cylinder gets a combined 25 MPG which is about the same as its competitors V6 engines combined mileage. The AWD six cylinder gets a paltry 19 MPG combined, while the FWD six cylinder gets 22 MPG combined. Sips the fuel it does not.

Why is it the worst?

708,549 Fusion were sold between 2010 and 2012 according to Good Car Bad Car which indicates the Fusion fits into the midsize market like bologna fits into a deli meat discussion. Never the heavy favorite like smoked turkey, but never slandered like spam so if it ends up on the sandwich by mistake, one is unlikely to take it off because it’s just bologna. Get it?

Honda Civic
1.4 Price Drops / $555.60 Total Price Drop

Used Honda CivicThe Honda Civic first came to the American shore in 1972 and is now in its ninth-generation. The Civic is one of the most Followed cars on Mojo Motors and almost sells as well as its big brother, the Accord, with 799,362 Civics sold between 2010 and 2012. While there were some hiccups with safety back in the early 90’s, people forget fast and the last few generation of Civics have achieved four or five stars on nearly every test. What makes the Civic so popular aside from the fact it holds nearly 50% of its value after 60 months, is the gas mileage. We’re talking a combined 29 MPG on the automatic 1.8 liter four cylinder engine.

Why is it the worst?

The Civic is also one of the most international cars on the planet with around 20 million sold worldwide. You can find them in Japan, North America, South Africa, Europe and Australia, with slight name differentiations in pretty much each one of those countries. So no matter how Honda spins it, as a Quint, Ballade, Type R, GX, Concerto or Domani, it’s still just a Civic that everyone else in the world has anyway.

Toyota Corolla
1.6 Price Drops / $565.96 Total Price Drop

Used Toyota Corolla The Corolla and the Civic are the two heavy weights in the class of small sedans. The Civic narrowly edged out the Corolla which saw 797,288 cars sold between 2010 and 2012. In typical Toyota fashion, the Corolla has a more conservative design than the Civic and doesn’t come in a coupe version. Like the Civic, the Corolla has superb gas mileage, 25 MPG combined on the sportier S trim and 29 MPG combined on the standard four cylinder engine.

Why is it the worst?

Toyota has sold 30 million Corollas over its lifetime in production. That’s more vehicles sold than any other nameplate in history. So if you happen to know someone who doesn’t drive a Civic or a Camry, they’re likely driving a Corolla.

Written by Max Katsarelas
MPG & Safety Source: FuelEconomy.gov