Your old Internet Explorer is dead to us

Using Internet Explorer is sort of like using Tripod to build a webpage or checking your email on AOL or using AOL at all for that matter. It’s like spraying down your kids with DDT to fight off mosquitoes or owning a television without a zapper.*

It’s like using an AM/FM equipped headset or thinking the 80’s was the greatest decade in recent memory. It’s like using leaves as toilet paper or making green bean casseroles for dinner. It’s like using products that come in aerosol cans or writing with gel pens. It’s like calling your mobile a “car phone” or driving a car with a proper manual transmission.**

I’m not done yet. Using Internet Explorer is like listening to Petey Pablo or saving data on floppy disks. It’s like wearing a monocle or being employed as a traveling hubcap salesmen or a chimney sweeper or a dinosaur taxidermist. It’s like taking your shirt and swinging it around your head like a helicopter. It’s like using a mechanical computer mouse or getting photos developed at a pharmacy.***

It’s like wearing a short sleeve turtleneck over a white tank top AKA wifebeater or sporting a toe ring. It’s like thinking it’s actually possible to get to China by digging a really deep hole or that Canada is America’s hat. It’s like calling Russia the USSR or referencing fictional Street Fighter II character Zangief in conversation.****

We don’t deal with Internet Explorer unless it’s in the 9 variety. Yeah, we’re calling you out IE6, IE7 and IE8 users. Step up your game. will no longer be supporting your old and crusty browsers that haven’t been updated since Clinton was in office. Alright, technically George Dubya, but you get the point. And we’re not the only ones. Check this, Facebook doesn’t work with IE6 or IE7 and Google hasn’t supported old IE browsers since last August.

One good thing about not running an updated browser? You’ll get to see this awesome message below on our website.

*If you are still using Internet Explorer you likely call a television remote a “zapper.”
**It saddens us that manual transmissions are dying.
***A mechanical computer mouse uses a ball and rollers to detect cursor movements.
****Yes, yes we did.