Mojo Motors wants to make it easier for you to shop for a used car or truck.

Here's a guide to asking the right questions, taking a test drive and inspecting a used vehicle at a dealership.

  • Research First
  • Choose 3 or 4 cars you like, then call the dealers to schedule a test drive
  • Print the Mojo Voucher and bring it with you the dealer
  • Review the free CARFAX or AutoCheck report
  • Research the value of your trade-in with Kelly Blue Book
  • Contact your bank or credit union about financing options
  • Ask Questions
  • Ask for someone in internet sales
  • Ask about additional fees, taxes and registration costs
  • Ask about any warranties available on the vehicle
  • Ask about vehicle recalls, if applicable, or known issues
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Look at the body panels for possible signs of rust, dents or damage
  • Make sure tire tread is evenly worn and there is no sign of curb damage on the wheels
  • Take a penny place Lincoln’s head down between the tire tread - if you see his face the tires are worn

  • Interior Inspection
  • Sit in the backseat, check the trunk and look under the floor mats
  • Adjust the driver’s seat, mirrors and steering wheel – the car should feel comfortable
  • Check the radio buttons and climate controls including air conditioning and heating functions
  • Use the windshield wipers, lights, power windows and entertainment systems
  • Test Drive
  • A good test should take at least 15 minutes and the car should start right away
  • Start the car cold without having already been warmed up so you know the engine will start in the morning
  • Feel how the car’s transmissions shifts – it should be smooth with limited noise
  • When driving, step on the gas and listen for unusual noise
  • Brake hard and soft- there shouldn’t be grinding, vibrations or shaking
  • Drive over bumps and listen to the suspension and make sure the car doesn’t knock or bounce