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The Versa is built to be America's cheapest car-and it succeeds. You can buy a new, 2014 Nissan Versa sedan for under $12,000. A nearly-new used Versa for sale can be found around $8,000. There is also the Versa Note, which is a more spacious hatchback version. The Versa's competitors include the Ford Fiesta, Mazda2 and Chevrolet Sonic, which all command a higher price.

The Versa sedan was first introduced in 2006 and the second generation launched in 2012. The Versa Note hatchback also appeared in 2006, but the second generation came out as a 2013 model. While it is larger than the cars it competes with like the Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent and Toyota Yaris, it commands an extremely low price when new.

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