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What does Mojo Motors do?

Drives Urgency

Mojo Motors alert-algorithm merchandises your inventory when you adjust prices, tipping off consumers to a good deal before it's gone.

Makes Shopping Social

Mojo Motors is the only site where shoppers can 'Follow' cars, see what's being 'Followed' and stay connected with your inventory.

Engages on Mobile

Mojo Motors is built for on-the-move shoppers with 40% of our traffic coming from mobile devices.

Why your dealership needs Mojo

We alert the
of buyers that never submit a lead
Your CRM can only capture shoppers that submit a lead. Mojo Motors gets your inventory in front of shoppers long before they submit a lead and keeps them engaged even if they don’t.
20% Reduction in Days on Lot
By continually alerting shoppers about pricing and inventory changes at your dealership, vehicles sold through Mojo Motors sell 10 days faster on average, allowing you to increase inventory turns and gross margin.
'Follow' the lead-er
Thanks to highly relevant alerts that keep users engaged with your inventory, shoppers that 'Follow' cars on Mojo Motors are 25% more likely to submit a lead.

Mojo Dealer Dashboard

Our robust back-end tool offers analytics and insights into your dealership’s performance. We track all activity on your inventory including VDPs, 'Follows', Prospects and Walk-in Indicators.
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Some of our Dealer Partners include:

How shoppers use Mojo Motors

  • Shoppers 'Follow' their favorite cars
    Shoppers sign up for a free account on Mojo Motors to ‘Follow’ their favorite cars. We alert them when the cars they ‘Follow’ drop in price or are sold.
  • I signed up to 'Follow'...
    "I signed up to follow a few cars on Mojo Motors. I love the automatic updates on price drops. Thanks Mojo!"

    Chris B.
    2013 Volkswagon Tiguan SE
  • Shoppers get alerts when prices drop
    When your dealership drops prices, we automatically alert shoppers following your cars straight to their inbox.
  • I loved the email alerts...
    "Mojo Motors improved my shopping experience by notifying me when the price dropped. I loved the email alerts- saved nearly $700. I will definitely recommend Mojo Motors to anyone shopping for a new vehicle. 10+!"

    Jennifer E.
    2009 Nissan Maxima
  • “Sold” emails build urgency
    Sold alerts inform shoppers when they’ve missed a good deal. They’ll be sure not to let the next one get away!
  • ...I went right into the dealership.
    "I liked that I could 'Follow' what I wanted and not sort through a bunch of cars. When I got the price drop alert, I went right into the dealership."

    Tiffany A.
    2008 Chrysler Town & Country
  • Mojo goes where shoppers go
    Our fully mobile-optimized site reaches shoppers anywhere, on any device. Our seamless experience keeps shoppers engaged with your inventory.
  • I have already recommended Mojo to my friends.
    "I liked Mojo motors very much. I used it for my search and I liked the price alerts, and regular emails for 'Followed' cars. I found it easier to use than some other sites such as I also like the notifications when someone else 'Follows' a car that I was 'Following'. I have already recommended Mojo to my friends."

    Bryan F.
    2004 Toyota Tundra