Compact Car

Compact cars sold in the United States are larger than the subcompact cars, but smaller than midsize cars and must be less than 187 inches long. Used compacts for sale are perfect for urban areas where they will experience the wear-and-tear of city driving. Since compact cars are typically priced less than midsize cars, most drivers won’t feel as bad if they get a small scratch or dent during those parallel parking debacles.

Who should buy a compact car?

– Young or New Drivers

– Budget Conscious Drivers

– Eco-Minded Drivers

Used compact cars from 2008 or newer are perfect for young drivers with small budgets, but unwilling to sacrifice safety. Most used compact cars are outfitted with a litany of safety features like ABS brakes, front airbags, side airbags, center airbags, you name it, there is probably an airbag there. The cars are also easy to park and pull out of the garage meaning less scratches the running the length of the car.

Compact cars are also great for the budget conscious since the cars smaller wheelbases command smaller prices. And while most compact cars aren’t necessarily known for creative or beautiful design, they are known for selling in massive quantities. Most automakers have adopted universal platforms as well, so this means the cost of replacement parts and repairs are usually pretty inexpensive.

Eco-minded drivers looking for great gas mileage would be hard-pressed to find a better value outside of compact cars. Sure, hybrid cars offer gas mileage in the 40 or 50 MPG-range but that comes with a price. A small carbon footprint and small price tag can be had with a compact since most of these little cars are powered by ultra-efficient four cylinder engines. The majority of these four-cylinders are naturally aspirated, but some automakers like to put turbochargers on their engines for ultimate performance and efficiency.

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