Midsize Car

The midsize car is the most competitive category in the United States with heavyweights like the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Ford Fusion. Besides compact cars, more shoppers Follow midsize cars than any other class on Mojo Motors. Why? Because midsize cars are the best.

That sounds silly, but it’s true, midsize cars are the best. They offer used car shoppers luxury, power, size and efficiency that no other car can offer for the price. They also offer drivers a wealth of variety from front wheel drive or all wheel drive, turbocharged four cylinders and even powerful V6 engines with over 300 horsepower.

Luxury midsize cars offer even more variety than an entry-level midsize car, but their prices are much steeper. The prices of a used midsize cars depend on the year, mileage and condition, obviously, but it also depends on the brand. A Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, for example, retain their value much better than a Kia Optima or Volkswagen Passat.

While compact cars are typically seen as the best cars for new drivers, a used midsize car offers safety and size unmatched by the smaller compacts. When it comes to vehicle collisions, mass always wins out. The larger and heavier midsize cars are much better to be inside than a compact during an accident. A midsize typically scores higher on crash test results, too.

Lately, midsize cars have been designed to imitate luxury vehicles. The Ford Fusion looks like an Aston-Martin, the Kia Optima looks like a Jaguar and the Mazda 6 has design language much like a Mercedes-Benz.

Look below for reviews of the best used midsize sedans: