The minivan is a curious piece of machinery with its notorious sliding glass doors and elongated design language. While minivans have existed since the 1930’s, they weren’t popularized in the United States until 1984 when Chrysler launched the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager.

In the 80’s and 90’s, minivans became one of the most popular body styles available in the United States. Their affordable price coupled with room for seven or eight passengers made them a popular choice at a time when SUVs were built for the off-road and station wagons were avoided like the plague.

Today, minivans have lost some of their market dominance as more drivers prefer to go with crossovers and SUVs. Minivans exude that “soccer-mom” image that many shoppers try to avoid, the same way people originally avoided station wagons. Plus, many sport utility vehicles and crossovers offer a luxurious and refined ride that minivans struggle to replicate.

Despite their reputation, minivans remain one of the most practical and affordable vehicles to buy. They can tow a boat or trailer. They have room for the carpool. They drive like a car and get gas mileage similar to a full size car. If efficiency, space and affordability is key, go with the minivan and don’t look back. And if you insist on making it look more like an SUV, just throw some crossbars on the roof rack.

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