Buick LaCrosse

The LaCrosse is a near-luxury car that is slowly waking up the Buick brand. Through two generations, the sporty sedan has injected much needed performance into Buick. The first generation LaCrosse hit the streets in 2005. The design language was a step in the right direction, but was held back by a dated 3.8-liter V6 only pushing 200 horsepower and the positively ancient W-body chassis that had been in use since 1988. Thankfully, the second generation in 2010 was a clean sheet design and understandably the most Followed LaCrosse on Mojo Motors.Picture of Used Buick Lacrosse Angle

Best LaCrosse

The second-gen LaCrosse has won more awards than any Buick in recent memory. Automotive magazine MotorWeek voted the LaCrosse “Best Luxury Sedan” in 2010. At the 2010 North American International Auto Show, it was nominated for North American Car of the Year. MotorTrend magazine named the LaCrosse a finalist for Car of the Year. Consumer Guide named it a Best Buy in 2011, and has awarded it the title every year since then. Intellichoice voted it Best Overall Value in 2012 and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listed LaCrosse as a Top Safety Pick.

LaCrosse Engine and MPG

The used LaCrosse for sale offers a lot of options in the cabin as well as under the hood. Transmission choice is limited to a 6-speed automatic. The 2.4-liter Ecotec four cylinder is the base engine, delivering 182 horsepower and 19 MPG city and 30 on the highway. The midlevel engine only offered in the 2010 LaCrosse is a 3.0-liter V6 with 255 horsepower and 17 MPG city and 26 MPG city. The top of the line engine is the GM High Feature V6. With 3.6 liters and 280 horsepower, it also could be called the GM High Power.Image of V6 Engine

All-wheel drive is available with this V6 and while it is handy for slick road conditions, there is a 1 MPG penalty compared to front-wheel drive. If you have cheap E-85 ethanol blend nearby, the LaCrosse can take it, but you will face a 25% loss in mileage. Also, in a 2012 or newer LaCrosse, the eAssist version of the 2.4-liter engine has a mild hybrid system that returns an impressive 25 MPG city and 36 MPG highway.

LaCrosse vs Impala

The LaCrosse gets compared to the Chevrolet Impala, as they are both cars at the top of their respective makes and share the same platform. They are both big, full size sedans and come with a lot of power and options. While the 2014 Impala is an awesome chunk of engineering and a future best-seller, the 2006 to 2013 ninth-generation Impala offered mechanical throwbacks like a pushrod engine and a 4-speed automatic.

The ninth-gen Impala was only available with front wheel drive and was seriously lacking in interior luxuries. What it lacked in terms of features and ergonomics, it made up for with passenger and cargo space. Five adults would have no problem taking a cross-country road trip in the Impala, but only four would be recommended for the LaCrosse. Also, the LaCrosse’s trunk space is a little lacking, but the Impala seems ready to pack a whole sports team’s equipment in its giant trunk.


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Written by Andy Jensen