Cadillac is the premier luxury automotive brand from General Motors. For over 100 years, Cadillac has been changing and challenging the meaning of luxury. While Cadillac lost their way in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the recent renaissance has elevated the brand to heights not seen for 80 years. With edgy styling and an American take on modern luxury, Cadillac is once again a serious competitor to the high-end European brands.

2014 Cadillac Logo“Caddy” was founded in 1902 by Henry Leland, an entrepreneur with a background in mechanics and gunsmithing. He applied his precision machining background to the automotive industry and Cadillac quickly made a name for itself. Early innovations led to better lighting and starting systems and Cadillac pushed style early by offering colors other than black. The first instance of bling?

Cadillac grew with the country during the 20th century and so did its reputation for extravagance. This was a Cadillac that could compete with Duesenberg and wore the motto “The Standard of the World.” The company could back it up though, as they sold most of their cars with standard eight cylinder engines, when most companies offered a straight four or six. They also offered legendary V12’s and V16’s for the wealthy gentleman that wanted to drive way too fast on scary bias ply tires.

After World War II, designer Harley Earl created a feature that would become synonymous with Cadillac. Taking a cue from recent airplane development, Earl added a tailfin to the big Caddys and an icon was born. By the early 1960s, the Lincoln Motor Company was building esteem with the unbelievable Continental and Caddy dropped the tailfins. Cadillac quickly took back the styling lead with cars like the Eldorado, a gorgeous coupe, even at 5,000 pounds. The 1970’s saw an increase in size eventually leading up to the Fleetwood Brougham which is longer than a modern Escalade ESV.

The 1980’s were a hard time for Cadillac as restructuring at GM forced several different brands onto similar chassis. Cadillac specific engines disappeared in favor of corporate GM engines and this literally meant the difference between a Chevy Cavalier and a Cadillac Cimaron was the badging and grille. The affects of rebadging showed after Cadillac dropped from the number one luxury automaker in the world to sixth. Drastic action was needed to save the brand.

“Art & Science” was that drastic action. The sharp, stealth-fighter look of the 2003 CTS blasted away decades of brand stigmas, raising Cadillac’s appeal and lowering the average age of the Cadillac buyer. The V series crushed European sports sedans and the Escalade offers looks and street cred the competition can’t match. The new ATS looks like the first BMW 3 Series competitor since…well, ever. The SRX is a stylish crossover that is the most Followed Cadillac on Mojo Motors and the gas/electric ELR is set to radically change the way we drive.

Cadillac Certified Pre Owned Qualifications:

  • Must be less than five years old
  • Must have under 60,000 miles
  • 162-point inspection

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