Chrysler is an automaker selling vehicles in the US and internationally. Established in 1925 by Walter Chrysler, the last 15 years have been trying for the brand, but they have survived. Their cars have unique styling and been cited as setting vehicle design trends.

Chrysler Logo ImageChrysler had a background in locomotive mechanics and after building a reputation in that industry, he was asked to run Buick. This type of leadership change happens even today, as Alan Mulally had been CEO of Boeing before moving to Ford. Chrysler turned Buick into a success story and left the company with a sterling reputation. Chrysler used the money to buy a deteriorating Maxwell Motors and renamed it Chrysler Corporation.

The new company added Plymouth and DeSoto to the lineup and competed with General Motors in a tiered scale of luxury with Chrysler competing with Cadillac, DeSoto against Studebaker and Plymouth against Chevy. When car production was interrupted by World War II, the auto giant pumped out tanks and military trucks. Post-war vehicles were styled with an eye to the future and the Chrysler Imperial dominated the luxury car market.

Chrysler began to decline in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The Imperial was its own brand, reducing Chrysler to second-tier brand at the level of Chevrolet, but Imperial models were sold at Chrysler dealerships. Confusing.

In the early 1980’s, Chrysler rebounded and found huge successes with the minivan and the K-car. The minivan seems obvious now, but was revolutionary at a time when people wanted to get away from station wagons which, ironically, seem cool today.  GM and Ford played catch up while the new K platform offered a flexible and economical front-wheel drive chassis that went on to underpin everything from entry level econoboxes like the Dodge Aries to upscale luxury cars like the Chrysler LeBaron.

The purchase of American Motors Company gave Chrysler control over Jeep. AMC was renamed Jeep-Eagle, but the Eagle half  fizzled out and resorted to selling rebadged Mitsubishi’s until going under. The Jeep purchase was a wise decision and kept bringing in profits. Chrysler’s futuristic designs in the 1990’s and inventing terms like “cab forward engineering” was commonplace. History often repeats itself and Chrysler ran into more trouble when Daimler-Benz took a controlling interest in 1998, effectively creating Daimler Chrysler. The company was as clumsy as the name, but did benefit Chrysler for a while.

Daimler Chrysler in the 2000’s had the innovative and successful models like the PT Cruiser, the boutique Prowler sports car, 300M and the Town and Country minivan. The Germans cut low quality Chrysler models and offered some German suspension tech, resulting in the massively award winning Chrysler 300, one of the most Followed Chryslers on Mojo Motors.

After the old small and midsize cars were dumped in favor of the competent midsize 200, Chrysler could finally compete in the segment. The Town and Country was heavily refined, and while the other Detroit-based automakers abandoned the minivan due to slow sales, Chrysler seemed to thrive. While they are still dealing with the ramifications of the recent takeover by Fiat, the future for Chrysler could be their best years yet.

Chrysler Certified Pre Owned Qualifications:

  • Must be less than five years old
  • Must have under 75,000 miles
  • 125-point inspection

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