Kia Logo ImageKia is a South Korean automaker based in Seoul building cars, crossovers and hybrid vehicles. The company is the second largest South Korean automaker behind Hyundai which has a 32.8% stake in Kia. The first Kia vehicle for sale in the United States was the 1994 Sephia compact car. The company sold their first cars in Portland, Oregon and slowly expanded outward.

By 2009, Kia recognized opportunities to save money on manufacturing and, therefore, made a one billion dollar investment into the United States to began building vehicles in Georgia at their Kia Motors Manufacturing George plant. What was initially a portfolio of one car, Kia has expanded their lineup to include compact cars, coupes and crossovers. Some of the most Followed used Kias for sale on Mojo Motors include the Optima midsize sedan, the Sportage compact crossover and the midsize Sorento crossover.

Kia Certified Pre Owned Qualifications:

  • Must be less than five years old
  • Must have under 60,000 miles
  • 150-point inspection

Kia Vehicle Reviews