Lexus Logo ImageLexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor, was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. With operational centers in Brussels, Belgium and Torrance, California, Lexus is able to market and sell cars in 70 countries worldwide.

Lexus first began as a secret project in 1983 when then-chairman Eiji Toyoda decided to expand Toyota’s reach into the luxury car market. After years of market research and prototype testing, Toyota formed the Lexus brand to sell a new luxury sedan called the LS 400. The car was launched in 1989 and sold in 81 new Lexus dealerships across the United States. When problems with the wiring occurred in two newly sold LS 400s, Lexus provided technician repair at no charge and even rented garage space for owners so their cars could be repaired in the best conditions. Lexus became known for not only luxury vehicles, but also luxury customer service.

Still in its early days at the start of the 1990s, Lexus began to slowly expand from its original United States market to places such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Australia. Lexus successfully launched a certified pre-owned program which was rare at the time. As Lexus grew, the company began a concentrated effort towards going global in the early 2000’s. This included launching the brand in Japan. Although Lexus was already widely popular in the United States, it wasn’t until  2005 that the luxury Japanese brand was sold in its own country.

Although Lexus sales fell during the recession, Lexus was able to gradually recover by offering hybrids and new model derivatives. Lexus offers many of their models as hybrids,and plans to offer only hybrids in their European markets. Most assembly still occurs in Japan with strict quality control and workers that are ranked according to skill grade. The factory hires limited numbers of technicians due to low turnover and high skill level requirements, which means that it’s not only the cars going through quality control to ensure the best possible product.  There is an assembly site for the RX model in Cambridge, Ontario, which is the only non-Japanese assembly site.

Lexus builds vehicles in a variety of categories and sizes, making luxury available to drivers with a variety of needs. A Lexus car can be found as a compact IS, midsize ES and GS and the legendary full size LS. For those looking for luxury SUVS, Lexus offers a midsize RX crossover, midsize GX SUV and a full-size LX SUV. There are also a range of performance vehicles with the F-Sport moniker like the ISF, the LFA, and the F Sport.

Eco-friendly buyers don’t have to sacrifice premium quality, as hybrids are available in the CT hatchback, RX, ES, GS and LS styles.

Lexus Certified Pre Owned Qualifications:

  • Must be less than six years old
  • Must have under 70,000 miles
  • 161-point inspection

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