Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury vehicle manufacturer based in Stuttgart owned by Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz builds a variety of luxury vehicles including sports cars, sedans, cabriolets (convertibles), vans, crossover SUVS and buses. Aside from premium luxury vehicles and German driving dynamics, Mercedes is recognized for their BlueTec diesel engines and 4MATIC all wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz, along with Audi and BMW is considered the “German Big 3″ of luxury automakers. The three comprise the most luxury vehicle sales in the entire world.Mercedes-Benz Logo ImageMercedes-Benz built the first gas-powered automobile in 1886, but it wasn’t until 1926 that the Mercedes-Benz brand began selling passenger vehicles. The company began importing vehicles to the United States in 1952, but it wasn’t until 1965 the company Mercedes-Benz USA was created to distribute and and market Mercedes vehicles. The German automaker builds vehicles and assembles their vehicles across the world including Germany, China, Canada, Mexico and a number of other countries. In the United States, Mercedes builds the M-Class crossover SUV, R-Class crossover and full size GL-Class SUV in their Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant.

Mercedes-Benz makes some of the most Followed luxury vehicles on Mojo Motors liked midsize E-Class (E350), compact C-Class (C300) and CLA-Class (CLA250) and midsize M-Class crossover SUV (ML35). The brand outsold BMW in 2013, making it the best-selling luxury vehicle brand in the United States.

Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre Owned Qualifications:

  • Must be less than six years old
  • Must have under 75,000 miles
  • 164-point inspection

Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Reviews