Toyota Sienna

sienna minivan front end silverThe Toyota Sienna is a relatively new entrant into the minivan market. Introduced in 1998, the Sienna has come a long way in styling and features since then. While minivans led to the death of the station wagon, they have never been embraced warmly for their sliding doors and bulky look, even though they are vastly practical for many people.

A used Sienna for sale offers the versatility found in every minivan matched with the reliability and features Toyota is known for in their vehicles.

Best Sienna

The current generation Toyota Sienna, introduced in 2011 provides all the gadgetry and features anyone would want in a modern minivan. A flat, wide floor makes ingress and egress easy. There are two glove compartments, plus a storage cubby on the floor between the instrument panel and center console, which has two cup holders for the second-row passengers.

In the Limited model trim, the second-row captain seats come with slide-out leg rests for maximum comfort. The interior ergonomics of the car are unmatched in the segment. The buttons for climate control and other functions are easy to find, large and legible. Everything feels it is where it should be.

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Sienna VS Odyssey

The minivan segment is cramped and wildly popular amongst people who have to move around large quantities of other, usually smaller, people.

The Honda Odyssey is the Toyota Sienna’s closest competitor. While both try to complete the same objective, the Toyota Sienna simply does so better. It has a cavernous interior that is the largest in its current segment.

A 3.5-liter V-6 engine powers both minivans, but the Sienna produces 266 horsepower to the Odyssey’s 248. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard in the Toyota Sienna as opposed to the outdated five-speed found in the Odyssey.

Sienna AWD

All-wheel-drive appeared on the second generation Toyota Sienna that was introduced in 2004. The first system evenly and continuously divided power between the front and rear wheels. The most recent generation of Siennas is the only minivan sold with optional all-wheel-drive available. This allows the Sienna to be a more versatile and safer than its competitors. Pair the all-wheel-drive system with Toyota’s Star Safety System, and you have a vehicle designed for safety and agility.

Sienna LE AWD Badge ImageThe Star Safety System is a suite of six active safety features that include Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology.

Buying a minivan that offers all the features one is looking for is difficult, but the Toyota Sienna encompasses so many great features into a safe and innovative package, that the Sienna should be on everyone’s list.

Sienna Fun Facts & Highlights

  • Sienna called their minivan a Swagger Wagon in commercials
  • The Sienna is built in Princeton, Indiana, home of The Amazing Criswell
  • All wheel drive Siennas were factory-equipped with runflat tires

Written by Anthony Alaniz